How far away can I have my OilPal Ultrasonic Tank Sensor from my modem?

You may place your OilPal Ultrasonic Tank Sensor up to 200m from your modem.

Please bear in mind that obstacles such as walls, re-enforced walls, metal objects or metal buildings can reduce this range.

How Do I Activate OilPal?

Watch our simple OilPal Activation Video HERE

What type of tank is suitable?

The OilPal system is suitable for all types of tanks.
It is suitable for both old and new plastic and steel tanks up to 3m in height.

If you have a steel or an underground  please contact our customer support team for further information

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What fuels can the OilPal System monitor?

The OilPal system is suitable to monitor diesel fuel, kerosene, gas oil types A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS 2869.

OilPal can also be used to monitor other liquids such as water, Adblue and some chemicals but for suitability please check with customer support

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If its not already there what size of a hole do I drill in my tank to fit my OilPal Ultrasonic Tanks Sensor?

Most plastic tank manufacturers from the late 1990’s have been supplying their tanks with a provided pre – drilled 32mm hole into which the OilPal Ultrasonic Tank Sensor will fit.

If your tank does not have the pre-drilled hole select a suitable location on top of your tank and drill a hole using a 32mm hole saw.

I am not happy with the information I inserted into the OilPal system for my fuel tank, how do I change this?

To make a change or amend your tank details please contact customer support

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I noticed that the total fill capacity on my OilPal app is less than that which I inserted?

To operate within industry regulations OilPal will calculate your tank readings based on 95% of its brimful capacity.

My Estimated Days To Run Out seems very high?

The OilPal system makes it calculations based on the latest readings it receives – if you are currently not using or using very little fuel this can cause your Estimated Days To Run Out seem high.

When you start to use fuel again the Estimated Days To Empty will reduce become more relevant.

What if I forget my username or password?

If you have forgotten your username or password please contact customer support

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What technology is used?

The OilPal Kit comes complete with the OilPal sensor and OilPal modem. The OilPal App can be downloaded for iOS or Android through the OilPal homepage.

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What is the OilPal Subscription?

There is no subscription fee for the OilPal system.

What if I have an existing oil tank level monitor?

The OilPal system is currently compatible with all APOLLO Ultrasonic oil tank level monitors ( expect the Apollo Smart transmitter) – If you have an existing Apollo level monitor you only need to purchase the OilPal modem to access the OilPal – click here.

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